2016 - 2017 | (Accidentally) Graphic Designer @Inomind

Funny story about how I started my journey as a graphic designer at Inomind, a web & design company. I wasn't familiar with the actual terms, so I was kind of looking for a job as a graphic designer but I ended applying for a web designer position. After the interview I had a call that changed everything. They did their research on me and saw that I was skilled with Photoshop and offered me a job in graphic design. And that's how I've started using Photoshop for a living, learning on the side Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photography and Filming.

2016 - 2018 | Graphic Designer @Cheerup

So, after a while I started searching for a new job in order to support myself and therefore I applied to everywhere I could, meaning... only to 2 places, for I didn't have much experience and there weren't too many jobs to apply to in the first place. Out of nowhere I got a call for an interview. It was a Skype interview actually. All good, until the end when I had to answer to a difficult question: "What Makes You Better Than The Other Candidates?". I can't remember the exact words but I paused for a couple of seconds to think my answear and then I said: "We obviously all are qualified for this job, but what makes me better than the other candidates is..." (I'll answear to this personally at the inverview. Don't hate me for this, it's worth it.)

2017 - 2018 | Junior Art Director @Hippos

After a while, it became a routine because I was doing repetitve tasks and I wanted something more challenging. I did my research and I chose my next mission, somehow to get into an agency. After sending a lot of emails and testing this new zone by attending a couple of interviews, I was rejected for lacking previous experience within an agency. One evening, I received a call from the very person that was to be my first Creative Director. Long story short, I got into the advertising world and I loved it. Here I wworked for clients such as Bucharesst Mall, Plaza Romania, Beko and Arctic.

2018 - Now | Art Director @Wopa

Fast forward, after a year, I was filling the Art Director position at Wopa. I'm working with more clients from a lot of different industries and every client is challenging my imagination and my creativity.